from razia khatoon d o manjur ali r r road

From :- RAZIA KHATOON. D/O, Manjur Ali. R.R.Road ; P.O. & P.S. :- Raniganj -******. Cont . No:- +91-******6308 / ******0533. RE:- New Connection Booking No:- 1011. New Connection Booking Date :- 18/01/2013. Applicant Name :- RAZIA KHATOON. D/O, Manjur Ali. Subject :- Prayer for issue me New Connection of H.P. GAS. Dear Sir, I beg to inform you that I am a pregnant women, was suffering from harassment for taking new gas connection with MONDAL HP GAS AGENCY. I have applied the upper mentioned new gas connection but near about three months has been left but I have not get any type of reply from MONDAL HP GAS AGENCY.More over I want to inform you that whenever I send my father Mr. Manjur Ali for asking the processing status , The Dealer of Raniganj Mr. MILAN MONDAL used to made bad behavior with him. Moreover I want to inform you that at the time of giving application for new connection they asked my father to give 6,000/- ( Six Thousand Rupees ) for new connection through as Agent- ¯DALAL¯ , but we did not pay the amount to them. For example I want to give a data to you that a person named " MOHAMMED KALIM ANSARI" Vide Consumer no:- ****** , was registered himself for new GAS connection on dated 19/02/2013 & he got his connection on dated 03/03/13 , within 12days , there is I have applied more than three months but I have not got any type of response.Why this type of partiality is going on ? Is the DALAL system is complacency for new gas connection with H.P. ? I am surprised that this type of racked is conducted by Mr. MILAN MONDAL owner of MONDAL HP GAS AGENCY. Previously many complain has arises against MONDAL HP GAS AGENCY. There is a rate chart for all the jobs which is totally illegal. Under the circumstances and view of the above facts kindly investigate these matter and arrange the new gas connection as soon as possible from your end.Accepting every faith on you & your dynamism. Thanking You , Yours Faithfully, RAZIA KHATOON.

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  • more than an year ago

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