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Chandan Khanna








Jun 6,2014

Something we needed since long


Akosha is a great forum and I think we needed this since long. I am happy that the team follows up and is quite prompt. My issue is resolved for now and I am hopeful that it wont repeat again. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work. I am not sure how Akosha manages to achieve so much traction with the complainants as well as plaintiff but it works very well. My complaint was against Volkswagen and they were on their toes to fix it. Greate work !! Thanks a ton!!


I own a volkswagon Vento tdi trendline model. On 27 April when after getting my car refuel (full tank -auto cut off) I noticed that my car was leaking diesel. I stopped the car at petrol pump and called VW to tow vehicle to nearest workshop. That time only Frontier Automobiles, at mohan co-oprative near NTPC turn, was available and the vehicle got towed there. Next morning i visited the workshop and the service manager told me that there were 3 campaigns which are pending on your car since 2011. I get my car services regularly through Atrica automobiles. Sector 63 Noida. My first complaint is against Atrica automobiles for missing on my campains. The service engineer also told me fuel pump cap was loose hence the leakage but he was not able to answer why it got loose at first place. This cap lies below the back passenger seats. Service manager Mr. Sagar didn't bother to answer that. Any how i was happy that car was not leaking fuel but on 27 May again after getting my tank full the car leaked Diesel. This time Frontier people say that the fuel gasket got loose and damaged. They couldn't explain that why it got damaged and why it wasn't fixed the last time. It has now taken more than a week but VW is saying that it will take another 2-3 days to resolve. Can anyone in Volkswagon answer that? Is a leaking fuel not a life hazard ? How can they put my families life in danger ? Can I sue Volkswagon for putting life in danger because of their negligence and shoddy work ? Where should i go and what should i do ?

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May 29,2014

Volkswagen Case Resolved


Dear sir,

Thank you very much for the letter u drafted for my grievance. There is a good news that M/S Viraj motors ,Lucknow dealers of volkswagen have compensated me by giving an extra warranty of 2 years worth Rs.11000/- and a discount of Rs.23000/- on accessories.

I'm satisfied with this and think that there is no need to go to court.
I'm again very very thankful to you for the pain which u took in my case.

Thanking u


dear sir, I'm writing to u for getting a favour from u. I have booked VENTO PETROL,COMFORTLINE IN SHADOW BLUE COLOR with your lucknow dealer "VIRAJ MOTORS" on 1st April2014.They promised me to deliver the car within 20 days. I'm sorry to state that after passing a month I couldn't get my car till today. On my inquiry the marketing executive at show room Mr.Ashish and Mr.Nadeem every time told that it is on the way,but last week they told that the color of my choice is not available,therefore give other color options. I gave other options (1) PEPPER GRAY and(2)SILVER , but unfortunately after a week there is no sign of my car. The persons at show room dillydallying the matter and making excuses. I'm enclosing the email from Mr.Nadeem sales manager.please see below I request u that please look into the matter and take necessary action yours DR.A.B.ALVI 36,GHASYARI MANDI,LUCKNOW-****** mobile no. +91 94*******2 Subject: REGARDING NON AVAILABILITY OF VENTO PETROL COMFORTLINE From: "Nadeem" Fri, 2 May '14 4:37p To: You and others Dear Sir, As per our telephonic discussion regarding availability of Vento Petrol comfort line in Silver or Pepper Grey Colour, the car is still not available with us and we are waiting for fresh Allocations from Volkswagen plant. The only colour available at Volkswagen is White, for now, and the same we have in our stock as well and can be delivered to you immediately. We deeply regret for the extended delay, we sincerely hope that your desired colour shall be available soon, but shall be confirming the date of delivery only when we receive the transporters date of delivery to us. Thank you for showing extreme patience, and we would love to serve and Meet your desires and expectations. I would request you to kindly bear with us and the inconvenience caused is deeply regretted. Thanking you, Nadeem Ahsan

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